CSE272: Advanced Image Synthesis
Spring 2016

One of the topics in this class is investigating different global illumination algorithms.


In the class we will discuss advanced computer graphics techniques for realistic image synthesis. This includes techniques for simulating global illumination, participating media, and material models including BRDF and BSSRDF models. In this class we will discuss many natural phenomena such as the blue sky, the appearance of human skin, clouds, and milk. The goal is to understand how different computer graphics algorithms can be used to simulate these phenomena.


Henrik Wann Jensen

Optional books

Andrew Glassner, "Principles of Digital Image Synthesis", Morgan-Kaufman, 1995. Free PDF Version of this book.

Henrik Wann Jensen, "Realistic Image Synthesis Using Photon Mapping", AK Peters, 2001

Pharr and Humphreys, "Physically Based Rendering", Morgan-Kaufman 2004

Dutre, Bala, and Baekert, "Advanced Global Illumination", AK Peters, 2006


Tuesday/Thursday, 11:00am - 12:20pm in WLH 2207

Teaching Assistant

Jiyang Yu




One or two computer graphics classes. The student should have a thorough understanding of ray tracing as well as a basic understanding of the concept of shading.

The class projects will be in C++ - this will not be taught in the class.


The class will be graded based on various assignments (65%), a midterm (20%), and a class lecture (15%).


The assignments can only be downloaded from a .ucsd.edu domain.


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