Stereoscopic 3D Copy & Paste

With the increase in popularity of stereoscopic 3D imagery for film, TV, and interactive entertainment, an urgent need for editing tools to support stereo content creation has become apparent. In this paper we present an end-to-end system for object copy & paste in a stereoscopic setting to address this need. There is no straightforward extension of 2D copy & paste to support the addition of the third dimension as we show in this paper. For stereoscopic copy & paste we need to handle depth, and our core objective is to obtain a convincing 3D viewing experience. As one of the main contributions of our system, we introduce a stereo billboard method for stereoscopic rendering of the copied selection. Our approach preserves the stereo volume and is robust to the inevitable inaccuracies of the depth maps computed from a stereo pair of images. Our system also includes an interactive stereoscopic segmentation tool to achieve high quality object selection. Hence, we focus on intuitive and minimal user interaction, and our editing operations perform within interactive rates to provide immediate feedback.



Stereoscopic 3D Copy & Paste

Wan-Yen Lo, Jeroen Van Baar, Claude Knaus, Matthias Zwicker, and Markus Gross


Some Examples

Project Members

Here we show some of the results in the paper (left eye image only). If you are interested in the stereo effect, please download our result pack (52MB), where you can find all our original results. In addition to anaglyph images, we provide both left and right eye images in the pack, so that you can create the stereo images in other preferred formats.



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