UCSD Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Winter 2011

These images show several of the final projects for the Winter 2011 "CSE168 Rendering Algorithms" class with Henrik Wann Jensen as the instructor. The students in the class were asked to render a realistic object or scene of their own choosing, and the images were judged by voting from the students themselves. The winners were selected based on the quality of their rendered images and the technical difficulty.

Grand Prize

Alejandro Guzman and Jorge Schwarzhaupt's "Bullet through Glass"

Alejandro and Jorge rendered an outdoor scene with a bullet shattering glass. They implemented a number of techniques including instancing, QBVH, distributed ray tracing (motion blur and depth-of-field), and translucency for a thin object. The instructor noted that they probably broke the record for the number of triangles in a single image in this CSE168.

First Prize

Bridgette Wiley, Jason Greco and Marlena Fecho's "Spectral Spiderweb"

Bridgette, Jason and Marlena made an artistic image of a spiderweb. The spiderweb is procedurally generated using CSG, and they implemented spectrum rendering including a RGB to spectrum conversion, tone mapping using both global and local features, and blooming.

The other participants: