CSE 168 FINAL PROJECT : Lost my marbles

T.J. Barbour CSE 168 UCSD Spring 2010

Final Image

- Photon mapping for shadow caustics : note hints of light in the marble shadows
- Procedural catseye: catseye is procedurally generated using triangles (see demo below)
- diffuse objects within procedural: this final image shows the diffuse catseyes inside the object and below you can see another example of spheres contained inside another sphere
- Procedural gravel texture: the ground uses a simple procedural 'gravel'-like texture

Inspired by


This was the orignal inspiration, notice that the caustics are brighter b/c the cateyes are translucent, mine are diffuse

Magenta specs are photons

I ony used photon mapping for the cuastcs, so only the photons that went through a refractive material.  This was rendered with 10 million photons (many discarded)

Alternating triangles to show procedural steps

I used simple stacked triangles for the procedural catseye.  The height of the triangle was progressively tailed off to create a smooth curve.

Distorted spheres inside marble

This is just another sample to show the diffraction effects and a better view of the caustics below since the spheres block less of the photons coming through.

In this project I learned about creating procedural geometry and combining ray tracing with photon mapping.  Also I learned more about refraction and how objects inside transparent materials are rendered.

Here is the original proposal:

Thanks for the great class and interesting projects!