I wanted to render something simple, yet had a great deal of beauty in it. In addition, I wanted to render some other object other than the ones provided to us in class, so I did a google search to find the perfect .obj file for my project. I ended up with a great model of a Chess set.

Photos of inspiration.

After obtaining the model for my project, the next step was to find inspiration of how to render the image in a beautiful manner. Google images provides such inspiration. Some of the photos I ended up wanting to semi-replicate were these images shown below. Specifically, I wanted the glossy surface from the image to the left, and the depth of field effect in addition to the viewpoint from the image to the right.
Glossy Surface
Depth of Field


In order to accomplish my goals I needed to implement a couple of new features, not included in the assignments. These were

Feature of my model.

I did not end with all of the above techniques in my final image. These are the ones present in the final render.


The model consists of a Chess set inside the famous Cornell box. The Chess set is created by http://www.phillipdrawbridge.com/. The below image shows how the larger overview is of my scene. Rendered using Photon Mapping with 3 million emitted photons.

Photon Mapping

I implemented global illumination using Photon Mapping. The final implementation includes direct and indirect illumination, in addition to caustics.

Depth of Field

Depth of Field was implemented with a simple camera jitter methods. Sampling randomly from a square region around the original ray. The image below shows the application of Depth of Field. I experimented with different focal lengths, ending up with the one I found most satisfactory.

Glossy Surface

Glossy surface is implemented using Monte-Carlo integration by sampling a random square perpendicular to the specular refletive ray, such that the sampling rays are located around this specular ray. I find it gives the chess board a much more esthetic look.

Final image with phong highlight

I tried first to render my final image with a phong hightlight. This made the chess ponds look like plastic, which was not a look I enjoyed looking at. So I removed the phong. The final images are rendered by emitting 3 million photons using a square light source. Depth of Field is accomplished by 15 samples each ray, while the glossy surface gets 20 samples.

Final final image