Lan Quan CSE 168 Final Project

Bunny Field

Fur Rendering:

Idea was to iterate through each triangle to generate new triangles and shooting them upward.

Left: Length were the same,and strand was shot straight up.
Right: Added varrying hair lengths for uniqueness and slight curvatures to cover up the sphere.

Stanford Bunny. Thickness of Hair allows the ray to not miss triangles at the cost of
making it look less realistic. Perlin and Worley noise were added to make the bunny
fur look more interesting.

Zoomed out version.

Grass was added, using the same concept as the fur on the bunny. Tree as added using
Perlin noise. Attempted Bump Mapping but it looked funky, so I removed it.

Changed the color, it is now flowers in my mind, but it can be whatever you want it
to be.

One bunny in the field.

Depth of Field:

Left: Larger disc around eye to sample random camera placements.
Middle: No Depth of Field.
Right: Smaller disc around eye to sample random camera placements.

Idea is that for every ray, it intersects some focal plane. By
sampling different camera placements near the eye, and tracing
rays to that hit point, the average shaded results will give a
depth of Field feel.

Bunnies in Field without Depth of Field.