CSE 168 Final Project

By Jason Obenberger

Design Purposes

For this final project, i wanted to primarily focus on advanced rendering techniques we didn't cover in class instead of spending time implementing the techniques we have programmed into the ray tracer already. I decided to choose the topic of volume rendering. I decided to focus on two different forms of volume rendering, first i chose to use subsurface scattering techniques to create a more realistic skin tone. Secondly, i used a ray stepping technique to create beams of light (as if from a flash light). I then used some Noise techniques to create a sky background adding an ambience to the scene.

Design Stages

First used poser to create a 3d arm object model and set the camera orientation;

Added a light source...implemented a beginning and incorrect subsurface scattering approximation by making multiple changes to the given photonmap implementing.

Changed the light source to be a spot light source.

Added ray marching to create a light beam coming from the light source

Added stars in the black sky. Used a Perlin noise function depending on the direction ray to determine if there is a star and what color it is.

Used a blue ground and a purple 'haze'.

Fixed the algorithm used by the subsurface scattering function so the fingers are less unicolored.
Added fingernails.