UCSD Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Spring 2010

These images show several of the final projects for the Spring 2010 "CSE168 Rendering Algorithms" class with Henrik Wann Jensen as the instructor. The students in the class were asked to render a realistic object or scene of their own choosing, and the images were judged by an external panel of experts. The winners and honorable mentions were selected based on the quality of their rendered images and the technical difficulty.

The judges were:

Grand Prize

Carlos Dominguez and Holmes Futrell's "Tea Candles"

Carlos and Holmes rendered a realistic living room illuminated by candles. They implemented a number of techniques including constructive solid geometry, photon mapping, ray marching, and distribution ray tracing. The judges liked the fact that the final images replicates their inspiration image well.

First Prize

Robert Gross and William George's "Looking At You Through The Glass"

Robert and William chose to render a glass chess set. They implemented photon mapping, distribution ray tracing, and notably SSE-enabled QBVH. The judges liked the overall composition of the final image including nice DOF.

Second Prize

Jason Obenberger's "Hand and Beam of Light"

Jason rendered a hand illuminated by a beam of light. He implemented translucency using photon mapping and volumetric shadow. The judges liked his well-focused choice of techniques and the artistic composition.

Honorable Mentions

Jennifer Chandler's "Stained Glass Wall"


Joel Chelliah's "Water Pillar"


Sidarth Vijay's "!Wall-E"


Steven Upham's "Chalk-Style & Non-Photorealistic Rendering"


Tim Etler's "Spore Movie Monster in 3D!"


Oleg Bisker's "Beach Ball"


The other participants: