Frog in the Forest

Originally, I wanted to render an image that I photographed awhile back, but after some thinking, I decided to render something that I've never done before. So I eventually chose frogs:

Since I have limited modeling experience, I found some models online that I decided to use:

I wanted the frog to be greener, so I edited the texture image with Photoshop until I got what I desired.

For my frog, I implemented subsurface scattering. Here are some of the pictures of my progress:

I also initially tested it out on the bunny:

I also implemented depth of field in order to simulate bokeh effects. Here are some pictures of my progress:

For environment mapping, I used the eucalyptus grove light probe from Paul Debevec's light probe gallery.

Final Image
Here is my final image:


Many thanks to Wojciech Jarosz, Chirag Dave, Emily Lovell, and Thomas Weng for providing help and/or ideas.