CSE 168 Final Project: Xenopus embryos

Iman Mostafavi

Inspirational Photo:

Xenopus embryos photo

Photographer: Michael Klymkowsky

I came across this stunning macro photo (20x) of a biological entity (frog embryos) on the Nikon Small World photo competition website. It struck me that this image has many challenging details which would be fun to try to imitate in a rendering. First, the geometry of the top left embryo is very reminiscent of a Worley cellular noise texture. The geometry of the other two embryos look like something that could be at least roughly approximated with Perlin noise. The second characteristic about this image I noticed was the great use of depth of field. The image was acquired with a stereomicroscope, so it has a precise plane which is in focus. Dialing in the right amount of depth of field effect proved to be challenging. Finally, the glow and translucency of the embryos inspires simulation using subsurface scattering.

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