Magical Lotus

Bin Chen 2008

The Lotus Flower | Model/Texture/Scene | Photon Mapping | Environment | Participating Media | Tone Mapping | Bloom | DOF | Final Image

The magical lotus shoots light beam, so light beam is needed.  I implemented ray marching (single scattering) to create this beam of light in participating media.

It is interesting that in order to form a beam (instead of just ‘smoke’), there must be some ‘blocker’ to keep the light from scattering in all direction.  The lotus petals themselves are very good blockers that create interesting light beams:

Ray marching can be very expensive.  For optimization, I only allow ray marching in a certain bounding box.

Now I have the beam, one step further towards the final image.  Note the far objects also get darker because of the absorption of light according to Beer’s Law: