Magical Lotus

Bin Chen 2008

The Lotus Flower | Model/Texture/Scene | Photon Mapping | Environment | Participating Media | Tone Mapping | Bloom | DOF | Final Image | Special Thanks

Lotus flowers are more popular and seen more often in an eastern country.  They usually grow in lakes and ponds and root in the bottom of the lake.  The radius of the flower can be around 20 cm, so they are pretty big flowers.  Some photos of real lotus flowers:







However, my goal is not to reproduce the above scenes.

The Lotus flower appears in many stories and mythologies in eastern culture.  It can symbolize the clarity of heart as well as the mind.  For this reason, it sometimes represents hope and the guide star in a very dark environment.   There are stories with magical lotus flowers blooming in the middle of the night with light beams coming out of the flower…  Perhaps because of these magical lotus stories, Chinese people have been trying to create the scene in the stories by making a lot of beautiful lotus lanterns for celebrating festivals at night time.   I had my own when I was a child.



I decided to render a lotus flower (and ended up with two), in a dim light environment, with ‘dramatic’ lighting effects.  I could not find an image of such magical flower, so how the flower looks will be purely based on my own understanding or interpretation.