UCSD Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Spring 2008

These images show several of the final projects for the Spring 2008 "CSE168 Rendering Algorithms" class with Henrik Wann Jensen as the instructor. The students in the class were asked to render a realistic object or scene of their own choosing, and the images were judged by an external panel of experts (the best student image would be rewarded with a trip to SIGGRAPH 2007). The winners and honorable mentions were selected based on the quality of their rendered images and the technical difficulty.

The judges were:

Grand Prize

Magical Lotus

Bin Chen's "Magical Lotus"

Bin created a realistic scene depicting two lotus flowers in a pond. He implemented a number of techniques including translucency using photon mapping, depth of field, ray marching, tone mapping, and bloom. He won a Full Conference trip to SIGGRAPH 2008 for his effort.

First Prize

Cats in a Hallway

James Whiteside's "Cats in a Hallway"

James rendered a realistic image of two cats in a hallway. He implemented procedural hair generation to model the fur of the cats. He also implemented depth of field and anti aliasing. His efforts paid off and he won first prize!

Honorable Mentions

Rendering the sun at early morning

Duc Dung Pham's "Rendering the sun at early morning"


Dawn of Ancient China

Iman Mostafavi's "Xenopus embryos"


Frog in the Forest

Krystle de Mesa's "Frog in the Forest"


Wine Glass

Robert Thomas's "Wine Glass"


On the Playing Field

Terence Kim's "On the Playing Field"