Welcome to Erik Hill's CSE 168 Final Project Homepage!

For my final project I wanted to render a scene with a golf club addressing a golf ball lying in grass. I am very interested in procedural asset generation, so I started by generating fractal landscapes to place grass on. I wanted the grass to be procedurally generated as well. Since I created the fractal landscapes in Maya, I played with Maya's procedural grass generator. It was so robust that I wound up using it to get the grass geometry into my renderer. Next, I worked on procedurally bump mapping a sphere to get a dimple pattern for a convincing golf ball. I then had my first modeling experience trying to create a seven iron. To enhance my rendered scenes I added anti-aliasing, soft shadows from area lights, depth of field, and motion blur.


Thanks to Matthias Zwicker and Wojciech Jarosz for teaching the course.

Thanks to Sheldon Brown and the Experimental Game Lab for introducing me to Maya, for the sky texture and for the use of several powerful machines to render on.

And thanks to Randy Stebbing of High Moon Studios for a few Maya tutorials that helped speed up content creation times.