UCSD Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Spring 2005

These images show several of the final projects for the Spring 2005 "CSE168 Rendering Algorithms" class with Henrik Wann Jensen as the instructor. The students in the class were asked to render a realistic object or scene of their own choosing, and the images were judged by an external panel of experts (the best student image would be rewarded with a trip to SIGGRAPH 2005). The winners and honorable mentions were selected based on the quality of their rendered images and the technical difficulty.

The judges were:

Grand Prize

Carousel at Night

Alex Kozlowski's "Carousel at Night"

Alex implemented a number of techniques including photon mapping, spherical area lights, depth of field, supersampling, glossy reflections, tone mapping, bump-mapping, and soft shadows. He won a Full Conference trip to SIGGRAPH 2005 for his effort.

First Prize

The Joy of Environment Maps

Will Chang's "The Joy of Environment Maps"

Will focused on rendering simple primitives placed within realistic environment maps. He implemented a number of techniques including distribution ray tracing, path tracing, photon mapping, stratified supersampling and environment maps. Will won a Conference Select trip to SIGGRAPH 2005 for his effort..

Honorable Mentions


David Shoemakers's "Jack-o-Lantern"

For his final project david implemented procedurally generated grass, a subsurface scattering approximation, area light souces, and photon mapping. He used these techniques to render a Jack-o-Lantern scene.

Hyperdimensional Quadratic Julia Set Fractals

Jeff Kelly's "Hyperdimensional Quadratic Julia Set Fractals"

Jeff implemented the efficient intersection of quaternion Julia set fractals through the use of Sphere-tracing.

NPR Escher Sketch

Werner Jainek's M.C. Escher-style Rendering

Werner implemented a Non-photorealistic rendering technique to recreate the look of M.C. Escher drawings.


Louka Dlagnekov's rendering of CD diffraction patterns

Louka explored the rendering of diffraction patterns on objects such as compact discs. He was able to render these patterns and animate their behavior as the relative light positions moved.

Some of the other participants:

Sunrise ocean rendering Wild Blue Yonder
Anton Vladimirov
Chih Liang
Ocean rendering
Fred Birchmore
"Wild Blue Yonder"
Soft Shadows Ocean Modeling+Rendering Glossy Sphere
Robert Wilsons
Soft Shadows
Shuaib Arshad
Ocean Surface Modeling and Rendering
Jeff Dewall
Ocean Modeling and Rendering