UCSD Computer Graphics Rendering Competition
Spring 2003

These images are from the rendering competition in the Spring 2003 "Rendering Algorithms" class with Henrik Wann Jensen as the instructor. The winners of the rendering competition were selected based on their technical difficulty, level of innovation, and the overall aesthetic appeal of the resulting images.

The judges were:

Grand Prize

the gloaming

Cyrus Jam's "the gloaming"

Cyrus used a variety of rendering and modeling techniques to create this image. The judges were impressed with how Cyrus applied these various techniques in order to create the desired artistic effect. Cyrus won a trip to SIGGRAPH 2003 for his effort.

First Prize

Maker's Mark

Josh Wills' "Maker's Mark"

Josh concentrated his efforts on the accurate rendering of a colored liquid. He used Beer's Law and Fresnel effects to model the way light interacts with glass and liquid.

Second Prize

lucy in the deep

Craig Donner's "lucy in the deep"

Craig's rendering exceeded all others in technical difficulty. It included the application of subsurface-scattering, volumetric scattering, photon mapping, etc.

Honorable Mentions

Flying Frog

Arash Keshmirian's "Free Flying"

Arash's work incorporates global illumination, environment mapping, and depth-of-field effects.

Sponza Atrium

Sameer Agarwal's rendering of the "Sponza Atrium"

Sameer used a model by Marko Dabrovic. He composited photon maps from an area and point light sources in order to simulate the sun and sky.

Stained Glass

Morgan Gebbie's rendering of stained glass effects

Morgan used photon maps to create the interesting lighting of stained glass fixture against the window. Each pane of the fixture is a different type of stained glass.

3D Julia Fractal

Greg Maxey's rendering of fractal structures

Greg Maxey used quaternion fractals to create some visually stunning images.

Some of the other participants:

Ocean Modeling Terrain Rendering Cellular Texturing
John Rapp
Ocean Modeling and Rendering
Greg Chun
Terrain and Cloud Rendering
Anson Chu
Cellular Texturing