CSE272: Advanced Appearance Modeling
Fall 2004

Some inspiration for the types of appearance we will discuss in class (clouds, plants, milk, rust, skin, atmosphere/smoke):


Henrik Wann Jensen

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Andrew Glassner, "Principles of Digital Image Synthesis", Morgan-Kaufman, 1995


Tuesdays and Thursdays: 12:30pm - 1:50pm


HSS 1128b


The appearance of the everyday world has long been a topic of interest to many people from painters to physicists. Even simple questions require careful thought. Why is the sky blue? Why does wet sand look darker than dry sand? How can you reproduce a human face using oil paints? More recently appearance models have become increasingly important in computer graphics and vision. In graphics, they are needed to model and simulate different materials. In vision, texture and reflection models can be used to guide the acquisition of computer models of different scenes and objects, as well as the recognition of these scenes and objects in images.

This class will go into the details of computer graphics algorithms for creating a given appearance. The course will cover the physics as well as the computational techniques for simulating light transport, light scattering, reflection models, subsurface scattering, participating media. In addition, we will be discussing the appearance of elements in the natural world in order to understand how to simulate this appearance.


CSE190/CSE168 "Rendering Algorithms" or equivalent at the consent of the instructor. This is a fairly advanced class. Students are expected to have an understanding of computer graphics rendering algorithms such as ray tracing.


This is class is for 4 units. It will be graded based on a project and a lecture in the class (15% project proposal, 10% class presentation, more to follow)

Final Report

Should be in the format of a paper 6-10 pages using the style for ACM SIGGRAPH papers.

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