• 2.23.2009 - Project 4 is posted; deadline March 11th.
  • 2.3.2009 - Project 3 has been posted and is due Monday, February 16th. Also the last two lecture slide sets have been posted.
  • 1.26.2009 - The midterm will be Wednesday, February 4th. It will cover up through lecture 8.
  • 1.21.2009 - Project 2 is posted; deadline February 2nd.
  • 1.14.2009 - An XCode project version of the basecode has been posted here.
  • 1.10.2009 - Project 1 has been posted, and is due on January 21st.


This advanced graphics class focuses on the programming techniques involved in computer animation. Algorithms and approaches for both character animation and physically based animation will be covered. Particular subjects may include skeletons, skinning, keyframing, facial animation, inverse kinematics, locomotion, motion capture, video game animation, particle systems, rigid bodies, clothing, hair, and other techniques. A good understanding of linear algebra and computer graphics is essential and CSE167 or approval from the instructor is required.