Dylan Phan

This is a burning rock smashing through glass. There's also a giant fireball to the left, some kind of plasma burst thing on the right, and a sun-ish in the distance.

The fire is accomplished through volumetric emission. It first started with a glowing sphere.

Then, the sphere emits a gradient of colors based on distance from the center. Fades from yellow at the center, to red, to orange, to gray, to black at the edge.

Now we add Worley noise to bump the gradient a little bit at each xyz position. Fire!

How 2 make shattering glass? Generate a bunch of tetrahedrons in a box. The tetrahedrons near the center of the box are smaller and more numerous.

Now I have accomplished my life long vision of a fireball smashing through glass.

Add some more fireballs.

Mess around with ground materials.

Final image.