Turning In Assignments

CSE167 W06


In this class we will be using the ACS turnin program. It is likely that you have used this program in previous courses. To turn in an assignment, first create a gzipped tar archive that contains:

To create this archive, use the 'tar' command while logged into an ACS machine (ieng6 will work fine) as follows:

 tar -zcf project0#.tar.gz <project files> 

Where # is the number of the project you are turning in, and <project files> the list of files you want the archive to contain. Make sure your tar archive is a flat list of files (i.e. the files are not behind a directory), you can verify this by listing the tar achive with:

 tar -ztf project0#.tar.gz 

Once you have a valid gzipped tar file, turning it in is simple, log into ieng6.ucsd.edu (an EBU3b basement lab machine should work too) and execute:

 turnin -c cs167w project0#.tar.gz 

For more information on the turnin program, look here

Bell & Whistles

If you decide add a set of Bells & Whistles, please add the following to your project archive:


Assignments will generally be due on Tuesdays at 11:59pm unless otherwise noted. Your code must compile either in Linux using gcc or in Windows using Microsoft Visual Studio. If you are developing on another platform, make sure that your code compiles on the lab machines before you submit it for grading. Late assignments will not be accepted.