Final Project

CSE167 W06


For the recommended final project, you will implement a roller coaster simulation. We will provide no additional base code for this assignment, but you are free to use any of your previous project code.

Unlike previous assignments, you may work in groups of 2. However, be aware that group projects will require additional work, and will be graded more strictly in general. Total points for group assignments are split evenly between the two partners.

The project grading will be performed face to face. During the grading, we will ask you to show us each part listed below independently. To do this you may either include special toggle keys in your program to switch between parts or implement each part as a separate program. (We will schedule the times for the grading  demos in the next few weeks.)

The Project is broken down by points below. It is graded on a 100 point scale, which is only relevant to this assignment. The project is still worth a total of 16% of your grade.

Roller Coaster - All Students (100 points)

Track and Cross Section Editors - Groups Only (100 points)

If you work in a group, you will be required to design 2 editors in addition to doing the roller coaster. The first editor will be a 2D cross section editor; the second, a 3D track designer. We will require that you use these editors in designing your roller coaster.

Technical bells & whistles: (15 points max, 30 for groups)

Here are a few suggested technical bells and whistles. If you're working in a group, your B&W points will be split between you.

Style bells & whistles: (10 points max, 20 for groups)

Computer graphics is all about making images and interactive programs that look good. It's not just about programming. Artistic talent goes a long way. To honor that, we're giving up to 10 additional style points to those of you who show us some real artistic effort in this assignment. We're leaving this B&W wide open, so be creative!